Better-Than-Best Purim

Hooray!  Purim will be here in a few short weeks!  If you are looking for a children's book about Purim to read with your students, you've come to the right place.  I've found a good book for you.  It's called The Better-Than-Best Purim (affiliate link to Amazon) and is written by Naomi Howland.

The Better-Than-Best Purim

The Better-Than-Best Purim is a fun story about a grandmother who wants to make some delicious hamantashen cookies for her animal friends.  Grandmother asks then for some help, but no one wants to help her because they are all too busy.  At first Grandmother thinks they don't want to help because they are being too lazy and tells them they can't have any hamantashen if they don't help.  At the end of the story, however, the animal friends surprise Grandmother with a surprise party for Purim.  They weren't being lazy at all!

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Better-Than-Best Hamantashen Recipe

Another fun surprise in this book is the recipe for hamantashen that Naomi Howland included.  Hamantashen are triangle shaped cookies that are filled with different kids of fruit such as apricot, prune, cherry, poppy, etc.  Some people like to use chocolate filling instead.  Yum!

Better Than Best Purim by Naomi Howland

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