Better-Than-Best Purim

Hooray!  Purim will be here in a few short weeks!  If you are looking for a children's book about Purim to read with your students, you've come to the right place.  I've found a good book for you.  It's called The Better-Than-Best Purim (affiliate link to Amazon) and is written by Naomi Howland.

Number Sentence Boards from Target's Dollar Spot

I went to Target this week and these handy number sentence boards tucked away in the back of the Dollar Spot.  My students and I have been working on multiplication and division related sentences for awhile ("fact families"), so finding them this week was perfect timing.  I snatched up three of them to use with a small group of students.  There were only a couple left on the shelf when I left, so hurry to Target to get some for yourself before they all sell out!

What Is STEM Education?

STEM education is becoming increasingly popular in our school systems.  Students often take STEM classes and participate in STEM activities at school.  What is STEM and why is it so important?  Read on to find out!

What is STEM?

How to Play Mum-ball

Have you ever played mum-ball with your students?  It's a terrific game to play during inside recess.  It gets the children up and moving and is super easy.  There are very few rules you need to remember and is only one item you need. . . a big, bouncy, beach ball from your local department store.

How to Play Mum-Ball

Sam and the Lucky Money

Gong Hey Fat Choy!  Chinese New Year is here!  During Chinese New Year it is custom for parents and grandparents to give lai see to children in their families.  Lai see. . . also known as lucky envelopes or lucky money. . . are small, red envelopes that contain a sum of money.  People give lai see to others to wish them good luck and prosperity through out the upcoming year.

Sam and the Lucky Money